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Hardscape Design for your Individual Needs

More homeowners are wanting to spend time outdoors year round, even in the hot summer heat. Not only are residents wanting solutions on how to enjoy their outdoor space, but they are looking for customized landscape design solutions specific to their outdoor area. We love the outdoor lifestyle as much as our clients and because of that, we enjoy collaborating and creating a unique space based on their wants and needs.

We want your Backyard to be your Paradise!

NOVA Landscape Construction is a pool construction company that can transform an average yard into an enchanting outdoor living area, where you and your family will enjoy for many years. Because we are a customized pool design company, we offer the flexibility to upgrade certain aspects of your outdoor space such as adding a outdoor kitchen to an existing space if you aren’t looking to get a full landscape installation or remodel completed. Many of our clients enjoy upgrading their current spaces due to the changing needs of their outdoor lifestyle.

We take pride in understanding your needs and budget. Delivering on our promise to build a beautiful yard at the right price to help you have what your envisioning. We will start by having a conversation so we can understand what you need or want done and bring that to life for you.

We currently specialize in the following services:

Paver patios, walkways & driveways


Pavers are a wonderful way to enhance the style, elegance, and beauty of an outdoor area. Pavers are durable, well-constructed, and long lasting, making them the perfect choice for outdoor ground surfaces. With high-quality paver design and installation, our team can deliver decorative and versatile paver surfaces for any residential or commercial application using all sorts of materials. Pavers can be smooth or tumbled, slippery or non-slippery and of several shapes, sizes, and colors to create a unique design to fit your specific use.

fireplace & fire pits, patio, pool deck nova lc construction


Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can serve as the perfect place to hang out on a chilly evening and converse with friends and family. By installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, homeowners can get to experience seeing the beauty of a crackling fire on a cold night while sitting in their backyard and enjoying the night time environment that Virginia has to offer. There are numerous styles to choose from with each style varying depending on the function, design, and fuel options.

flagstone patios & walkways


Flagstone walkways are used to create an appealing entry way to your house or an easier way to walk around to your backyard. It is a weed free option so that it is low maintenance to keep up with. Customers love the versatility, easy installation and durability that flagstone offers.  Flagstone is one of the best materials for patios primarily due to its narrow packed joints that allow water to permeate instead of running off. It also has a very natural, organic look due to its shape and earthy shades of browns, reds, grays and blues. Flagstone provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant surface that will last for years.

Retaining Wall


When you have a slope in your backyard but want to build a patio, a retaining wall can add a nice appeal and separation from your yard. We install proper drainage behind the walls to help redirect water so that it eliminates flooding around your house.



Swimming pools are the best way to stay cool in the summertime while entertaining your kids and friends. We work with your desires on what swimming pool style you want, whether you want a modern or organic pool design. We then help you to pick out which pool deck you prefer by using either Pavers, Flagstone or Concrete that will be non-slip and give your pool an elegant look. There are several different pool surfaces from Pebble or Plaster that will not only give the inside of your pool a beautiful look but that will be durable to last for years with either a chlorinated or salt water pool system.

Outdoor Kitchen installation company haymarket


Want to have an outdoor space where you can prepare food, watch tv and entertain your guests? Then an outdoor kitchen with a built in grill, fridge and seating area will make all your friends come and never want to leave. It will be a place to share memories with your family and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Landscape Lighting installation company haymarket


The main advantage of a landscape lighting system is that it can improve the look of your home, especially at night. We use LED, low voltage lighting that can make your home’s landscaping visible even after dark. These lights can also add more drama to your landscaping and cause your home to be the envy of your community. With enough lighting outside, you will be able to use your patio and backyard even when the sun has set. Lights that are attached to deck posts can provide enough illumination at night, perfect for some late-night conversations or even meals.



The summers can get pretty hot in the DMV region so having an outdoor room to shield you from the sun without having to go indoors is a perfect element to add. We can create a space where you stay cool from the summers sun and relax with enough space for friends and family to sit, enjoy drinks, watch tv or eat a meal. Having an elegantly designed shade structure will make you forget you’re at home and make you think your at a 5-star resort. They are also a great space to enjoy at night with overhead fans and lighting to create an ambience that everyone will love.

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