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The Faces Behind


(previously NOVA Grounds)

The crew behind the company is not just a team, but a couple! Growing a business and a family together with 2 kiddos is what makes us stay strong and have a company that runs seamless. Creating the company in 1998 means we have extensive experience in landscape and hardscape construction as well as design skills. We’ve built a brand that continues to grow and serve amazing clients throughout the Northern VA/DC area and we’re here to help you build the yard of your dreams.

Tony Drosos



Tony will be the guy you talk to and deal with for all your project needs. He watches over every job to ensure everything is done correctly and timely. His other favorite things to do are working in the garden (he has a big green thumb) and he loves to cook meals for his family.

Brittany Drosos


Owner/Marketing Director

Brittany is the owner and the girl behind the scenes. She handles all the NOVA LC marketing and emails as well as advertising and website upkeep. She also is the photographer who takes photos of the jobs. In her spare time she runs her own photography business and likes to go 4-wheeling on their 10 acres.


It all started with a mower…


Tony’s passion for landscaping started when he was 13yrs old and his friend lent him a mower to mow his yard. As he was mowing, a lady drove by and asked him if he was cutting lawns in the neighborhood? So of course he said YES and followed her on his tractor down the street. He started getting referrals throughout the area after that! In his late teens, he decided to create a bigger business beyond just mowing, offering cleanups and plantings. Now his services have grown and shifted to create beautiful outdoor landscapes and living spaces throughout the Northern VA and DC area.


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